Website Projects

Rothesay Park Bed & Breakfast


This proposal involved designing and building a new website for Rothesay Park Bed & Breakfast.

The Client was not receiving sufficient bookings from their existing listings.  The proposal was to establish a modern, mobile friendly website to promote the B&B.

Key features:

  • Website to show the range of services offered
  • Website to be mobile friendly
  • Link to TripAdvisor
  • Prospective Customers can see room availability
  • Prospective Customers may initiate a reservation request
  • Client can easily administer and update content
  • Client can receive reservation requests and act accordingly


Rothesay Park Bed and Breakfast

Date Published:

Q1, 2014


Dec 20-16 – The B&B has now closed for business


Turnkey Design, Build, Support


The solution is a good balance between design and cost. It meets the Client’s needs of ease of use, whilst providing a professional and luxurious vision of the bed and breakfast experience. In the space of a few months, it has already achieved positive results via the TripAdvisor linkage.

Visitors to the site are able to easily see the range of services offered and determine room availability using the calendar feature.  Initiating a reservation request is easily accomplished.

“I run a small B&B and wanted an improved web presence, something that would give people a better idea of our property and also where they could make a reservation.  I approached Glen to discuss what he could do.  I was very pleased not only with the end result but also the way he approached my request.  Nothing was too much trouble.  He took the time to understand and document my needs and was in regular contact throughout the process to ensure that he was capturing what was required.  I was  given the opportunity to test the site during development and we discussed several options where there were several ways of doing something. 

When it came to hand over time Glen took the time to walk me through the site and also the user manual that he had prepared.  All in all I am very pleased with the process and result.  Thank you Glen.”

Liz @ Rothesay Park B&B