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At Tolmie Systems, we offer Turnkey solutions tailored to small businesses, providing a worry-free option. Our goal is to handle all the intricate details, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Website Makeovers

Dissatisfied with your current website? In need of a breath of fresh air? At Tolmie Systems, we understand the importance of a mobile-friendly online presence. It’s time to give your website the update it deserves.


Need a Makeover?

Is your website looking outdated? Do you want to bring back the wow factor to your online presence? Tolmie Systems is here to help. Our team can provide eye-catching designs for all types of websites.


turnkey solution

Turnkey Solutions

Do you want a hassle-free solution for your website? Tolmie Systems provides turnkey solutions where we handle everything from design, development, implementation to support. You can focus solely on being the Editor while we take care of the rest.

support services

Support Services

Need help updating content, solving site access issues, backing up data, or addressing website security concerns? Tolmie Systems offers a range of support services to meet your website needs.


From the Portfolio

Quilting Fabrications

Quilting Fabrications is a turnkey solution for an online quilting related business. The design must be visually attractive to visitors, including a shopping cart, blog and email subscription.

Bay Quilters

A full redesign for this quilting membership site. The existing MS Windows Server site was in need of an urgent update.

Creative Siska

Creative Siska is a new design for a patchwork quilting related business. The target audience is primarily located in Australia and Indonesia making the site multi-lingual.

InFocus Photography

The InFocus Photography website is designed as a demonstration website.


Web Design

So what is Responsive Web Design? In non-techy speak, it is about enabling access to the content of web pages, no matter on which device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop PC). A responsive web design has the ability to dynamically reconfigure website content to the screen size of the device. A standard website is optimized for PCs or laptops. However, if a visitor browses a website in a tablet or smartphone and the pages are not optimized using responsive design,  the user experience may not be ideal.

Fashion or Fad? You be the judge, this website is a responsive design. Try minimising the width of your browser to see what happens as the screen adjusts. Now try that with some of your favourite websites! The trend now is clearly for responsive websites.

Do you need a responsive website design? Latest estimates are that approx 50% of web browsing is undertaken using a mobile device. If you understand your site visitor demographics, then the answer becomes clearer. For example, I recently traveled for an extended period and what I noticed was the pervasive use of tablets – everywhere! People were clearly using tablets to plan and plot their travel as they went along. If my business was in the travel industry, my answer would be yes for a “responsive design” website. Another important factor to consider is the lifespan of your website. If you wish to future proof your site for several years, then in my opinion, supporting mobile devices is a very good idea.

“I run a small B&B and wanted an improved web presence, something that would give people a better idea of our property and also where they could make a reservation.  I approached Glen to discuss what he could do.  I was very pleased not only with the end result but also the way he approached my request.  Nothing was too much trouble.  He took the time to understand and document my needs and was in regular contact throughout the process to ensure that he was capturing what was required.  I was  given the opportunity to test the site during development and we discussed several options where there were several ways of doing something.  When it came to hand over time Glen took the time to walk me through the site and also the user manual that he had prepared.  All in all I am very pleased with the process and result.  Thank you Glen.”

Liz @ Rothesay Park B&B

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