A few articles I keep for my reference

Mod Security Issues

WP Plugins and Mod Security – I have a reseller hosting account and during a so called “server upgrade” the hosting company decided to implement Mod Security. Of course, they did tell their customers!

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How to create menu CTA buttons

How to create menu CTA buttons

Recently I have been working on a series of online forms.  I thought that a Call to Action (CTA) button on the main Menu was a good way for visitors to access the forms. After some research, I decided that a simple CSS solution would fit my needs. There are more...

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I like following these sites….

WordPress Newsboards


WordPress Gutenberg

The “Gutenberg” editing experience is introduced in WordPress 5. It is a major change in how to create content. Here are some links I’ve collected to help my understanding.

Membership Websites

All membership websites must consider features for managing members and content security.