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For those surfing the internet in recent years, it is straightforward to observe the advances in website presentation. Today’s website is engaging, designed to hold the visitor’s attention with great images and content. They often now include a definitive “Call-To-Action” for a visitor to follow in a “Click” button.  eg. “Contact Us”, “Subscribe Now”, “Buy Now” etc.

For businesses or organisations with older style websites, this presents a problem. Without this Call-To-Action concept, their websites are now considered old fashioned and out of date. This style reflects the visitor’s perception of the business.

The rapid increase in mobile technology (tablets, smartphones) also now means that website visitors often receive a poor visual presentation from older websites. According to research, 50% of website users regularly use mobile technology to browse.

Do you know the percentage of your website visitors are using mobile technology?

Does your current website have:

  • Has dated unappealing visual design?
  • Stale content?
  • Have cluttered pages and navigation?
  • No clear call-to-action for your visitors?
  • Poor mobile performance?
  • No backup strategy in case of loss?

At this point, you can probably see where we are heading with these questions. All of these questions are common issues with many older sites.

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But, all is not lost – time for a redesign?

Redesigning your older style website over to a modern Content Management System (CMS) solution will allow you to answer these questions and more.

At Tolmie Systems, we design and build new websites on the WordPress CMS platform.  WordPress is the CMS leader worldwide servicing major corporations and small business alike. It is very powerful and flexible whilst being comfortable for the administrator to update content.

If you would like to understand more about our design philosophy, please read our Design Process page. We use this to guide our way through the end-to-end delivery of a new website.

Time to redesign?

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