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MailPoet DB maintenance

Reduce the size of the wp_mailpoet_scheduled_task_subscribers table. You can reduce the size of this table by running the following SQL query: DELETE FROM wp_mailpoet_scheduled_task_subscribers where created_at < ‘2019-01-01’; Ensure to use the same table name as...

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Allow Pods Templates to use shortcodes

This must be added to wp-config.php. /* PODS & Divi */define('PODS_SHORTCODE_ALLOW_SUB_SHORTCODES',true);define('PODS_SHORTCODE_ALLOW_EVALUATE_TAGS',true); Then add this snippet to the functions.php file of your child theme or feature plugin. <?php...

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UM Show password toggle on forms

Can't remember what you have typed? This snippet add a show password toggle on UM forms /*----------------------------------------------------------*/ /* UM Show password toggle on forms /*----------------------------------------------------------*/...

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