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Bay Quilters

Design Proposal:

Provide a fully redesigned solution for this quilting membership site. The existing site is built on MS Windows Server, challenging to maintain and was not mobile-friendly.

Bay Quiletrs is a well used membership site, attention was paid to the display and inclusion of quality content.

 Key Features:

  • Refresh all existing content plus add member specific content,
  • Make the site mobile-friendly,
  • Redesigned graphics and layout to modernise the website,
  • Implementation of best practise security for the website and visitors,
  • Migrate all data from the existing MS Windows Server platform to a new WordPress platform,
  • Compliance with Australian online standards.



Bay Quilters

Date Published:
Q2, 2020


Redesign website and migrate all information from a MS Windows Server environment.



The solution addressed a number of key areas including:


  • New logo and header graphics for all pages to set the look and feel of the website,
  • Add suitable pictures that promote the Guild.


  • Reviewed all pages and menu structure,
  • Added Privacy Policy and Discalimer pages to conform to Australian standards,
  • Update the Contact page with a simple fill out contact form,


  • Created Guild email accounts and membership groupings,
  • Provided a new email newsletter solution.


  • Integrate the Bay Quilters Facebook feed into the design
  • Build a new interactive Library solution
  • Build an event solution that permits online events and bookings, eg. Zoom
  • Build a full membership management solution.

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Bay Quilters mobile view